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Efficient Pill monitoring

Everyone forgets and it is not easy to keep track of our medication intakes especially when there are so many medications to take.
With P-Heal, you will never miss taking your pills again.

Let the box remind you

P-Heal is a medicine box equiped with a scale that measures weight change as little as 150mg. Weighing continuously, P-Heal detects changes in pill quantity and determines whether you have taken your pills or not.

With sleek LED integrated all around the bottom of the box, you (or your care-giver) will instantly know if you have taken your pills of the day. Red light = you need to take your pills immediately. Green light = you have taken your pills.

Let the app remind you

Not home or away for a trip? P-Heal app will also notify you when you have missed taking your pills of the day. When you have taken your pills, the box will also be synchronised and turn back to green.

do I need a P-Heal?

If you (or your loved ones) need medication on a regular or a daily basis, or more seriously,
if you tend to forget taking your medications, then P-Heal is your ultimate solution.
For example, P-Heal is suitable for people who need to following treatments.



Gastric Pain

Birth Control (Contraception)



How P-Heal helps

No more confusion. No more uncertainty.
Take control of your medication intake activities and be worry-free!


No need to remove medications from their original packagings.

Different kinds of pills?

No problem. P-Heal allows you to organise them thanks to its movable compartments.

No nagging

Receive alerts only when you have forgotten to take your pills.

Automatic tracking

No need to note on each packaging to track. P-Heal computes and keeps a history of your pill intake activities.

Easy follow-up

Share and achieve objectives with your medical practitioner.

Rest assured

At any point in time, you will know instantly if you have taken your pills and when.

FREE P-Heal Application

Download P-Heal Application on App Store or Google Play for free.
P-Heal can be connected to up to 5 accounts for data sharing.

Free Download

Innovative Solution for your health

Simply connect your P-Heal box to the app

Auto-connected. No WiFi.

Integrated with SigFox, a dedicated network for Internet of Things (IoT), P-Heal is automatically connected to the internet. No need to fuss about lost WiFi connection or lack of WiFi strength.

Community Monitoring.

If needed, you can have your father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter or care-giver to have their P-Heal Application synchronised to your device to help you monitor your pill intakes.

Reliable notifications and alerts.

Receive notifications when and only when you forget your pills, anywhere in the world. You can also opt for sms notifications if required.


The box and the app are synchronised regularly. If you have taken your pills from P-Heal box, or have confirmed pill intake through your mobile app, both the box and the app will have an updated status.

Pill scheduler

Schedule the hour of the day at which you need to take your medications via the app.

How it works?

1.Weigh the total weight of the pills that you need to take per day.

2. Connect your P-Heal box with the app using the guided set up.

3. P-Heal weighs the contents permanently and the data is sent to the cloud regularly.

4. P-Heal monitors the weight of the box's contents and determines whether you have taken your medication by detecting a change in a certain weight.

5. If P-Heal does not detect a weight loss, the red LED will turn on. If this symptom persists, you will receive a notification.

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